Is Kuala Lurah Time......Yahoo!!!!

HEHEHE.........why I'm so happy today? Because I'm gonna show you the Heaven for the Brunei people. The KUALA LURAH.
Kuala Lurah is just across the border going to Limbang.
From Bandar to here is about 30mins drive (if not traffic jam la).
Here they sell food and alcohol. A can of Beer only cost $1.00 (USD$.70).Food is also very cheap here. You an either pay using Brunei currency or Malaysian currency.
This is how it look like from inside.

Just another view.

This is the owner of the stall I want to introduce. We call him Uncel Yong. He sell only Hot plate Mutton and Tofu. This is also what he is famous for.

This is the HOT PLATE MUTTON I was talking about. Ingrediant is Mutton, Soya Sauce and Big Onion only. So simply and delicious.. Very suitable to eat while drinking beer.

Next is his HOT PLATE TOFU... I tell you the Tofu is really really soft.. You can hardly find this type of food in Brunei. Only here you can taste this simple yet delicious food.
This two dishes is a must for me everytime I come here. If you come to Kuala Lurah and didn't order this two dishes then you are consider have not really experience Kuala Lurah.

I give both dishes for 5 stars.
$5.00 (USD$3.60) a dishes.