咸煎餅( HAM JIN PANG )!!!

Hi I want to show you this place it located in Gadong area. Infact is hard to tell you where is this place located because there is a lot simpang to go and somehow in the house.So is hard to find also lah. Anyway...if you really wanted to know or try their food, try to email me and I let you know where. this place is not a restaurant or a food store. This family are selling the Chinese Kuih. They had sell all different kind of Kuih here and also bubucaca, red bean or green soup and soya bean too. All make by themself. I use to like they 咸煎餅( HAM JIN PANG ) and I always go there by 2.30pm because I want to buy it when is just fried. Of cause that is not the only Kuih I buy lah, I also like their 九層糕(Kuih Lapis) but too bad today finish already.
I give this place 3 stars.

watch this video to know where is their place.