加東炒粿條/ Gadong Fried Kuih Tiao

Sorry sorry long time no post my food introduction liau....
This few days got bit of lazy, always stay at home watch YOUTUBE. and some how too much liau I gain weight, need to lose some fat. every afternoon went to Tasek Lama to do excise there.
Ok want to show you guys at this place.As you can see is next to one of the famous SPA center in Gadong area. I don't know what is their restaurant name lah somehow got no signboard lagi lah....
Everytime I come here I always see a lot of people one lah...I not sure are their selling pork or not lah but always many Chinese people eat there.
This is their shop inside look like lo...Not very big but still feel comfort there. One thing very special is their MENU are hand writing on the wall. What you want to eat? just look at the wall.
So this is their 炒粿條( fried kuih Tiao) I want to intruduce to you all. Why so special about it? Because they fried it one plate by one plate , not like other chef fried at the same time if there is other customer had order the some dish too.
I always order this dish, every time I eat their kuih tiao right I every add chilli sauce or tomato sauce...cause it is enough tasty already. It's really taste good. you all should try it la.
I give this 4 stars.
( sorry I don't remember how much of it, I think maybe is $3.00($2.14USD) something like that lah) is their (招牌米粉) The Famous Fried Mee Hoon. I think not all the people would like to eat Mee Hoon right? I myself also not so like to eat. But I tell should try this also ( if you don't feel like want to eat Kuah Tiao lah)
This is also very nice food here. Not so oily,Very suitable for ladies and some how not so much cholesterol one....

I give this 4 stars also.