T.K Seafood Restaurant At Jalan Muara!!!

This restaurant located at the jalan Muara just before the China Embassy on the hill. I seldom come here to eat only when I bring my friend who from oversea and is a nice place to bring your family too.
Everytime I come here I must order the Ketam(Crab) and Siham(Clam).
Nothing special with their food, it same as other normal Chinese restaurant. The only reason I introduce them is because I like their environment. you can choose to dine outdoor and is becuase it located on the hill top that's why it silence. Or you can choose to sit in the little hut having a little romantic dinner with the one you love....

So this is the Katam I always order.
Chilli Crab...not spicy but juicy. Is very suitable for young kids. I like to mix the sauce together with rice....

And this is the Siham cook with Sarai ( Lemon Grass )

I don't know what is the name of this vege in english. We always call this as Money Chai ( Chai= Vegetable )
So the more you eat Money Chai the more you get $$$$ MONEY $$$$

I give 3 star for all the food I eat today!
3 dish and drinks cost $40.00($28.50USD)