Tasty Corner's Claypot Rice!!!!

This is the place I'll go at least once a month for their claypot rice.It located in Gadong area near Hua Ho Department Store, Gadong Auto Parts and the Standard Chartered Bank.

I usually will go either middle of the month or at the end of the month. Everytime I go there I'll order their clay pot rice. And I'll make sure is the owner who cooked it. What so good about the claypot rice you may ask right? I will say is becasue the owner cook this dish with all his heart and seriousness.I'm only like to eat his claypot rice, I like to watch him cook with it too. He is so serious on every step like the timing, the tempo everythings must be in order.Looked at the fire, when should put the next ingredients, is like he can't make any mistake on the dishes.

This is where it located. Tasty Corner

Isn't it looks like the Hong Kong gangter's movie scene where the Big Brothers fighting in the restaurant?

That's the Boss!!!

This is the Claypot Rice that I intruduce.Wow...look at the steam of the rice and I swear it real smell good. I look nice, taste nice and the price is nice.It only cost $5.00 and it's for 2 person,worth it right....

It have chinken, chinese sausage, salty fish,pork ribs and veges. so many in ingredients in one pot and the heart to cook, and it only cost $5.00 where can you find it in Brunei?

Guys...I give this 5stars...

Make sure you mix it before you taste better.


Don't forget to order their home make SOYABEAN also. it only costs $1.20

p/s: foods are not halal.