Popular Restaurant!!!

This is the restaurant that I had my breakfast at this morning. This is a India reataurant and had more then 25 years doing here. It located in the Seri Complex Jalan Tutong Batu Satu. NAME:Restaurant Popular.
Or Popular Restuarant.
As you can see there is some Indians having their breakfast here but ofcuz Malays and Chinese too. This is how the India people while talking...either SHAKE the hand or SHAKE their head to each other.Some time I also do at their way when talking to them I don't know why but it just automatic happen.

Ok...lets back to the Food things...This is the tea name TEA C ( it sound TAY-C not T-C. just the tea mix with the milk) that I normally order here. It cost $1.00(about 0.70 USD)

And this is call Dosai ( it sound DOOR-SAY not DO-SAI. not so nice call Do-Sai because it mean PIG Shit in chinese) I'm not so sure what is the ingredient inside there but I heard is the wheat flour mix with some vinegar and fried on top of a big hot metal plate. It taste very crispy and a bit sour. It serve with three different kind of sauce ( sorry I don't know what is their name) The white colour is make with coconut, red ofcuz with some chilli and the brown is make with the green beans.
It very nice, tasty,healthy and it only cost $1.20(0.85 USD) Let's try it and always remember it's DOOR-SAY not DO-SAI.....

I give 3 Stars...