THE BIGGEST PLANET.....( so far at the moment now )

Ok, so how big is our planet Earth? I mean, compare to other planets… In the following pictures, you’ll start to appreciate how small earth is!!!

In solar system, Earth > Venus > Mars > Mercury > Pluto
Note: On August 24, 2006, Pluto loses its status as a planet, declared by International Astronomical Union’s (IAU), after several years of debate since its discovery in 1930. What’s the definition of a planet?

Jupiter > Saturn > Uranus ≈ Neptune > EarthSo, earth is the 5th biggest planet in the solar system.

The sun is way bigger than earth, yet it looks so small in the sky.

Ok, let’s get serious. There are stars bigger than Sun. For examples, Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus…etc. Jupiter is only 1 pixel in the picture and the Earth is invisible in this scale.

Ok, how about stars bigger than Arcturus? You bet! Antares > Betelgeuse > Aldebaran > Rigel > Arcturus. Our sun is only 1 pixel in this scale and Jupiter is invisible now!!! Holy cow, imagine that the Earth is sitting beside Antares. Earth will be totally torched and the water evaporates.