Nasi Katok At Kampong Rimba Road Side!!!

This is a recently open Nasi Katok pondok in Kg Rimba.

Every day I pass this area and there will always be a long Q. So what is so special about it, I ask myself?

Last week, I try to buy one packet but change my mind after a see the long Q. Over the weekend, in one of the rainy evening, thinking that the Q may be short and AGAIN long Q. Today I finally had decided to stand in line for it. It took me 15mins to get 2 packet. One Biasa (regular) and Pedas (Spicy). It cost B$1.00 (USD$.70)

The packet is just steam rice with one piece of fry chicken and come with either a sweet sambal sauce or a spicy sauce.

I don't find anything special about it beside the chicken is bigger piece.

I give it 1 star.