My Nephew's Primary 6 Graduation Ceremony Programme!!!

It has been a long while that I didn't step into my Old Skool School already.Lucky this morning my nephew told me that today is his graduation day if not i don't think when i were visit the school. Anyway this is where I study yo Chung Hwa Middle School.

I learn a lot of things from here. Not only I learn Maths, English, Malay,Science bla bla bla.... It also where I learn the Smoking, Bullshit, Cornhea, MasterBed bla bla bla too..hehehe.
Anyway...I also take this chance to introduce you the Kolomee in the canteen. This canteen was open at 1987, I remember that time i was in primary 4 so is about 21 years ago already.(suddenly i feel old and that time i still play GULI (marble ball)....) Ok let's talk about the kolomee again, the price are still the same never change it cost $1.60 with the noodle(of cause lah) Fish cake and Char Sau. They also have $1.00 too, but is only the noodles..mean Kosong one la... The Kolomee here I don't think is tasty for me la...Infact there is a bit Salty and Olily...Maybe because of this that's why is cheap. Only one way to taste delicious is you are hungry la...hehehe( whatever you eat also tasty) If not you eat together with their Chinken wing or Drumstick and it will be much better.
anyway...i give this 2stars.
Right after when I finish my meal i went look around the school. It had totally change...

Look at this court....I use to be punish by my teacher here. Stand still or walk around the court under the hot sun for half an hour... It use to be make by the cement...but now is different...rubber la...

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