Mexican Fiesta At Sheraton Utama Hotel!!!

Remember the last Friday I posted a Mexican Food Promotion in Sheraton Hotel? So tonight I finally got the chance to try. Is a buffet style @ $29.00( 20.70USD ) plus 10% service charge per person.
This is the table that I dine at. Nice view and quite. I went at 6.45pm there is only one couple dinning at the time. The reason I like to go there early is because I have a habit to be the first one to dig into the dishes.(weired right?)
The first thing I notice on the table was a RED PASSPORT. I wondering what is inside.


Is their food advertisement booklet that look like a passport. I was very impress by this idea...

The two Mexican Chefs

Sergio Snyder and Roberto Kaspi.

Look delicious?


Let's fill it in my mouth now....yamyamyam...!!!

This is Roast Beef Guajillo Chilli. Very nice I like it. Among all the food tonight I tasted.I think this is the most tasty one lah....

I give this one 4 stars.

Chicken Loco 3 stars.

Fish Yucatan 3 stars.

Prawn Mojo Ajillo 3 stars.

I don't remember what name for this 4 dishes...Overrall 3 stars.....

2 stars.....

Do you notice the star I give getting less and less? This TACOS getting more worst..... I give it 1 star.
why only 1 star I give is because Tacos is my favourite of all the Mexican's food and this is the most worse Tacos I ever eat.
It's doesn't CRISPY, it doesn't taste Good and it totally not taste like a TACOS....I really really DISAPPOINTED with it!!!
I don't think is the 2 Mexican chefs fault....I think maybe is because of they cannot find the ingredients of what they want here in Brunei. Is like something missing in the food, I can't smell and taste of Mexico in the Tacos. Or maybe I expected too much from them.

1 star Tacos!

Don't remember the name but this one not bad....2 star for it....
but the sauce too sour for me.

Somethings wrong with the spoon right? They serve with the wrong dining spoon in all the tables. I'm not sure what type of spoon is this for but I'm sure this is not a main course's spoon.


Dinner Spend: $77.00($55.00USD)

Time used: 1 hour and 45 minute.

Emotion: Not So Satisfied. As I Said Maybe I Put Too Much Hope On Their Foods.

3 stars for overall the foods.

2 stars for the staff's service.

But I give 5 stars for the both Mexican Chefs. Click the video below here and view.