Lo San Flat's Home Style Restausant!!!

This place located at the Mabohai, Lo San Flat is the same block as the Lo San Nasi Lemak I had posted at last 2 weeks 19 November 2008. The first time I eat here is on 1991. At that time they are open at the 2nd floor.Their business hour are use to be at 6pm to 1am but now start and 8am till 10.30pm.
When you enter the house, remember that you don't have to take off your shoes, is ok that wear it inside.

This is the living room . TV (Astro)....Sofa

this is the other room that have aircon but no TV

The Kitchen. Foods are cooked by this 2 lady.It used to be the Lady Boss but tonight I don't see her maybe rich already just ask the maid do la....

This is the Chicken Noodle cook with Wine, very nice and tasty but.......
too little and also the wine not enough too. You won't feel satisfied with just one bowl only. I suggest you to try on the other food here also.

Try their Kolomee also. you won't regret.

This is the Lo Eggs ( Soya Sauce Egg )

Chichen Feet. I know some people in other country were think eat chicken feets is very disgusting right? but eat chichen leg is a very common thing in all the Asia.

Chichen wine noddle. $2.00( $1.40USD ) 3 stars.

Kolomee.$2.00( $1.40USD ) 3 stars.

Soya Sauce Egg $1.00 for 1 piece cut into 2 ( 0.70USD ) 3 stars

Chichen Feets $1.00 for 3 pieces ( 0.70USD ) 3 stars.

p/s: foods are not halal.