Haji Ahmad Flat's Nasi Lemak!!!

Below is a Nasi Lemak takeaway house. Not alot of people know about this place so let me introduce them to you. This place is located at ground floor, right at the corner in Haji Ahmad Flat, next to Terrrace Hotel.

This place have been around for more than 10 years. Its own by a chinese family.

So far in Brunei, you can only find a few restaurants that serve original Nasi Lemak. What is "Orginal Nasi Lemak" you may ask. Nasi Lemak is rice that is cook with Santan (coconut milk).

Their rice is cook with Santan & Pandan Leave and it come with peanuts, pusu, sambal (not spicy), egg and cucumber.

You can buy a B$1.00 (with small piece of chicken), B$2.00 (with a piece of chicken wing) or B$2.50 packet (with a piece of drumstick).

I myself have find it very tasty. From the moment I brought it, the smell of santan and pandan is so fregrant that make me want to eat it right away.

I give this 4 stars