Sunday Food Hunt_Sungai Liang_Seria_Kuala Belait!!!

Today I would like to introduce food from the Kuala Belait District. You think that I'm gonna talk about the Seria Kolomee at the Seria town inside the Food Hall is it this time?
Nope you wrong!!! Seria Kolomee is too common, nothing special about it cause most of the Brunei people know about it.
This is the first checkpoint. This restaurant located at Sungai Liang.Just after the Soon Lee Supermarket and before the juntion into the Labi. Is very easy to find it. Although the people see this place often but most of it would not stop by and try the food there!
So today let my show you the nice CHAO KUEY TIOU ( fried big white flat noodle )
Never worry that can't find car park here.

The restaurant name. HUP HIONG
Hup Hiong is for lady name in chinese, I think this name is belong to this wife lah.....or the mother....or the grandmother....OR maybe the Scandal.....hehehe.

View Outside to Inside.( many people ya! )

View Inside to Outside.

That's the Lady Boss. Sit at the counter not just wait for collect money... but take a rest....She been work from morning until now....She a very hard working woman.

They also serve all kind of cake and bread too.

Like this....this is a BANANA CAKE. very nice, not too sweet suitable for some lady in diet.
But I suggest you tell the waiter to put in the toaster and toast it first...WHAT????
A TOASTED CAKE????? Am I Kidding? No I not!!!! You should try it once in your life time. It Taste Mmmmm..........Heaven good.

Banana Cake:$0.70( 0.50 USD )
Worth 3 stars. After toasted 4 stars.

AHA.....this is the CHAO KUAY TIAO that I talking about.... you can choose to have Big Size or Small Side. Chicken or Beef.
I order a Big Size with Beef and addition 1 fried Egg.

Look at the Kuay Tiao....All different size it means that this is hand made type. Not like the one in Bandar's Kuay Tiao..all make by machine. And as you can see their CKT is not Oilly. And the Dao-gay ( Bean Sprout ) is just nice not over cook, the Kong Fu really until house already.( means very good skill )
CKT big size with beef + egg = $2.30($1.60 USD)
Worth 4 stars.
( Recomamded) destination is Seria Town. This is the restaurant just beside the LORONG BUNGA MELOR. It's recomamded by one of my blog's reader, she told me that I should try the Beef CKT here also... she told me that her mother like their CKT very much and their Beef taste different then other too......OK so let's try it...

The restaurant name " SIN GUAN SONG "
Doesn't it sound and look like " Sing Uan Song " or " Sing One Song " Or maybe was " Sing What Song"
Ring Ring........Yellow good afternoon sir...... "SIN GUAN SONG" may I help you?
Caller: SING WHAT SONG???? Why I have to sing one song? I just want to order food.....
Chinese Waiter: Yes Sir.......!!! You can order your food in here "SING GUAN SONG" sir....
Caller: But what the hell I have to Sing One Song to order my foods?
Chinese Waiter: Sing What Song sir?????
Caller: Ok Fine........Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday To You......Happy Birthday To You ......Happy Birthday To You...............
So can I have my order now?
Chinese Waiter: Yes may order your food now, by the way sir... my birthday is on next month but Thank You very much sir. So my I have your order sir?
Caller:.................................................................. T.T

That's the Boss and the wife who sit there... this is the Beef CKT. I was so surprise to see that it is so mini size CKT. I never see some thing like this before!!! never in my little so mini....How to feed me with this??? Is smaller then my palm... I can even put it all in my mouth(not with the plate lah). I think I can even eat 10 plates with this size.

The beefs really taste different then other. nice, soft and juicy.BUT!!!
$2.00(1.40USD) for this LITTLE TINY MINI SMALL size of CHAO KUAY TIAO????
Hello Boss...this is over lah.....This is totally not a CKT any more.....This is a PIRATE CHAO KUAY TIAO man...... Oh My God!!!
But anyway it really tastes good and thanks to my reader introduce this place to me.
Food taste I give 3 stars but I don' recomamded my reader to try cause it too expensive.

O ok next this is restaurant. Soi Heng Coffee Shop. Just the next block of "SIN GUAN SONG" at the end of the shop lot. I remember this restaurant 20 years ago is next to the Seria wet market where're the Seria Food Hall now. Every time I come here just to buy the "BAO"( chinese bun ). Especially the "Dao Sa Bao"( black bean bun ) and the "Zhar Shao Bao" ( BBQ Pork Bun ). I only buy this two type of Bao here. And it's fresh all the time, today make, today sell and today eat. No over night and all hand made.

Their also have Dim Sam and other BAO too

I give it 4 stars
$0.60($0.40USD) each.
p/s: foods are not halah.

OK....this is the last place I want to introduce....Is in Kuala Belait Town.
Maybe is a bit hard for the Brunei-Muara District residences to find this place. It just next to the Kuala Belait Chinese School and a Church and you can see there is a Big n Tall n Old Tree there. Then you can see this food stall there like this in the picture.

and then just walk till the end of the Food Stalls.

You will found this "Old Lady" smile at you and she will ask you "SING WHAT SONG"..............hahaha just kidding lah.
You must try her "ROJAK". Although I already post the "Machi Eating House"'s rojak but I suggest you should try this also.

The reasons I introduce her Rojak is not because only it taste delicious but also her heart doing it. she making the rojak by herself and had more then 20 years history. All the students from the chinese school had try her Rojak since she started selling here. She never give up and complain about her job! Day by day, year by year selling her best food to her coutomers.

This is the ABC in malay. It mean Ais Batu Campur!!!( Ice Mix )
It had the Red Bean, Chinese Grass Jelly, Sago and the green colour stuff Cendul.
For you info....the Cendul is make by herself. It not buy from other shop,supermarket or people. All By Herself.
It really taste different then other people's Cendul....It really soft and fresh.

So this is the Rojak she make. You should come to Kuala Belait to try on her food here. Don't just everytime eat at the "LEE LOI FAI" one...... I don't think their rojak can even compare with this old lady....I serious!!!!

Drink: $1.20(0.85USD)
Rojak(for 2 person): $3.00($2.15USD)

Lo San Flat's Home Style Restausant!!!

This place located at the Mabohai, Lo San Flat is the same block as the Lo San Nasi Lemak I had posted at last 2 weeks 19 November 2008. The first time I eat here is on 1991. At that time they are open at the 2nd floor.Their business hour are use to be at 6pm to 1am but now start and 8am till 10.30pm.
When you enter the house, remember that you don't have to take off your shoes, is ok that wear it inside.

This is the living room . TV (Astro)....Sofa

this is the other room that have aircon but no TV

The Kitchen. Foods are cooked by this 2 lady.It used to be the Lady Boss but tonight I don't see her maybe rich already just ask the maid do la....

This is the Chicken Noodle cook with Wine, very nice and tasty but.......
too little and also the wine not enough too. You won't feel satisfied with just one bowl only. I suggest you to try on the other food here also.

Try their Kolomee also. you won't regret.

This is the Lo Eggs ( Soya Sauce Egg )

Chichen Feet. I know some people in other country were think eat chicken feets is very disgusting right? but eat chichen leg is a very common thing in all the Asia.

Chichen wine noddle. $2.00( $1.40USD ) 3 stars.

Kolomee.$2.00( $1.40USD ) 3 stars.

Soya Sauce Egg $1.00 for 1 piece cut into 2 ( 0.70USD ) 3 stars

Chichen Feets $1.00 for 3 pieces ( 0.70USD ) 3 stars.

p/s: foods are not halal.

Super Model Photo Shooting At Tasik Lama!!!

I spot a Turtle this afternoon at Tasik Lama while I doing my routine execise just beside the trial. So I decide to relocated some where that not easily spot by other people. But before that I took some picture just to show you all how Cute she is....
Hey...Here come my little head....