Judge For Yourself!!! ( Serasa Beach)

Pantai Serasa it used to be a beautiful Beach in Muara town.
but now, we have to swim and picnic with full of rubbish.Nice palce to dating also ya...!!!

And for Family day too.

Tasek Lama........( after 3 days of countinues rains )

Scooter Trip To Muara And Serasa!!!

Full Moon!!!

Took full moon picture last night!!!

Welcome To The Jungle!!!

Click to view this video!!!

Thanks for watching!!!

Moon And The Jupiter Photo

This picture is using the 25mm eyepiece to zoom.
Is about 36 times what we see from the sky.
And all the photos has taken by my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone.

This is the one with 10mm eyepiece. About 90x zoom to the moon!!!

Much better ya!!!

Better more!!!

And now...this is the best one!

Back to the 25mm eyepiece.

OK..... And now this is the Jupiter. Not so good with the
camera, so can't show you the REAL look of Jupiter but you can see the moon around it.


Nice or not? I took it last night!!!

Funny Sign Board!!!!

Spot a very funny sign board at Kiulap!!!
If you feel like wanna have some GAO HAI !!! Try this place, I wondering
there have GAO LIN for ladies at next door or not!!!
( gao hai = do the pussy )

Jimmy And Chelvin Wedding!!!!

My 1st Moon By Looking From The Telescope!!!

This picture is taken using the 25mm eyepiece and this is how the moon looks like

Can you see the moon up there?

The brightest Star you see, and that is the Jupiter.

That Is My Tools

My Scooter At The Mall.