A Boy's Face Show In The Car"s HeadRest!

I know is very hard for everyone of you to believe that what have I taken of this photo!
I myself also don't believe on that,but this is really happen on me!
Yesterday when I when i finish work from THE MALL, I went to pick up my "FRIEND" that she stay in the EMPIRE HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB staff's housing, when the moment I wait for her in my car I fell that the car next to my as it someone in the passenger sit. When i look clearly there is no one sit inside the car! So all of sudden it remind me that one of the Taiwan's TV talk shows that is talking about GHOST story, sometime they have use the camera to take ghost picture. I think is funny to have one too. So i use my hand phone to take the car picture.At the same moment my "FRIEND" had sit in my car too, she ask me what am I doing?
I say nothing just try to see can capture a ghost picture or not! so when I zoom in the picture I saw a boy's face image in the car window! I'm not afraid when i saw that, I'm just laugh at that time, cause I'm so happy to myself that i finally got my own "GHOST PICTURE". I know somebody will think that i use the computer to edit the picture anyway i don't care. If you have any comment please write it to me! thanks!