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I Been Scam!!!

Today is not my day I think. I had scam by one of the famous Money Changer in Gadong. This money changer is located in The Mall ground floor just next to the pharmacy shop!
I can’t believe this is happened on me and somehow is in this lovely peaceful and harmony country Brunei Darussalam.
I was trying to change B$500.00 to Thai Baht. Today’s selling rate is 22.1, so I suppose to receive 11050 baht. But the shop assistant only give me 11000 Thai baht and Bnd$1.40. Funny right? The reason was they don’t have 10 baht or 50 baht notes; so they cannot give the exactly amount; they only have 20 baht notes. But is still incorrect amount they return me $1.40, suppose to be $2.20…At first I though they are counting wrong for me, then when I found out was they are using the buying rate to return me the money. So I told the shop assistant that I really need 11050 baht to give it to my friend for buying things in Thailand, since that you only have 20 baht notes can I make it to 11060 baht? And how much should I need to add on? They told me just needed 50cents. Ok fine! I give then 50 cent more, so all together is $500.50 Brunei dollars a give them. And I go away with my 11060 Thai Baht. But let’s think about it! B$500.50 x 22.1 I suppose to receive 11061…….Or I only should only give $500.45 dollars.
I know it just only a few cents, doesn’t have to make such a big deal about it.
But what I know is when you open a shop to make business you must to be honest to the customer, not by cheating them.
Anyway I’m not trying to say they are a bad business man, but I just want to advise people out there, PLEASE BE A VIGILANT AND SMART COMSUMER!!!

A Boy Sit On The Window

This picture also take at the EMPIRE HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB'S STAFF HOUSING!Infront block 8, I don't know it is my luck or what, this is the second time i shut this kind of photo. For me this picture looks like the a young boy sit on behind the window, you can see his head and the legs infront of it!

I not sure why this boy is showing him to me in second time, maybe he is trying to seeking someone to help him......


Funny right? I think it really look like a finger. This potato is buy from the MIRI e-mart and now is in my Stomach already....!

My First Scooter "YAMAHA FINO"

This is the Limited Edition Yamaha Fino.

I know the number not so Nice!
But maybe can come out 1st price
in 4d oh......! buy big big ya!

Ya! I know the Helmet is look more sporty then the SCOOTER they don't matching!But then how? I have a BIG HEAD ba...cannot find my size!
Top Speed 120km! don't play play oh!

can be very fast too, and died faster also!

A Boy's Face Show In The Car"s HeadRest!

I know is very hard for everyone of you to believe that what have I taken of this photo!
I myself also don't believe on that,but this is really happen on me!
Yesterday when I when i finish work from THE MALL, I went to pick up my "FRIEND" that she stay in the EMPIRE HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB staff's housing, when the moment I wait for her in my car I fell that the car next to my as it someone in the passenger sit. When i look clearly there is no one sit inside the car! So all of sudden it remind me that one of the Taiwan's TV talk shows that is talking about GHOST story, sometime they have use the camera to take ghost picture. I think is funny to have one too. So i use my hand phone to take the car picture.At the same moment my "FRIEND" had sit in my car too, she ask me what am I doing?
I say nothing just try to see can capture a ghost picture or not! so when I zoom in the picture I saw a boy's face image in the car window! I'm not afraid when i saw that, I'm just laugh at that time, cause I'm so happy to myself that i finally got my own "GHOST PICTURE". I know somebody will think that i use the computer to edit the picture anyway i don't care. If you have any comment please write it to me! thanks!