The Employee Of The Year!

I have take a video of the shop infront of my shop. The lady has sleep in the shop, she did not notice that i have move some item from the shop and close the door for her too. Enjoy the SHOW!


How many are consider many?
Does any body think about it?
Some people say more then one are consider many!

Do you think so?

I have two dollars in my pocket! Is it consider many?

I don't think so!
Ok how bout make it to One Thousand! Is this consider many?

Do you think so?

If you have One thousand hairs on you head, is it consider many?

I don't think so either!

Then how about One Million? Is it enough consider MANY?
If you only have One Million of Red Blood Cell in your Blood is it consider many?


One day when i was driving back to home while i was listening to radio.

And i heard the DJ was asking the listener "HOW MANY IS CONSIDER MANY"

And I was thinking bout this question all the way when i back home.

Then i have all the numbers and stuff in my brain.

And finally i have the answer before i reach home.

I'm not sure that I have the correct answer but I do want to share it with all the people who have ever though about this question before as like me!

So here there are the ANSWER!

( "NUMBER A" is more then 50% of "AREA B")

Is like a object is more then 50% in an area or a place!

eg: stundents in the classroom, stars on the sky, cars on the road, number digits lengt and the bank book.

p/s:If you have any question or disagree please post a message to me!